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Is you’re looking for a carpet shop in Sutton, Carpet Select Ltd offers free estimates and quotations. Over the years we have had many clients from the Sutton area as our carpet shop is right next door. Whether you’re looking for a great deal of luxury flooring, we are sure to have something for you in our showroom. If you’re looking for a cheap carpet or a bargain in a carpet sale but don’t want to compromise on quality, be sure to check out our carpet remnants. We have some great deals and many sizes are perfect for a room. If you need a larger piece for many rooms, maybe around the house, then our carpet stock might be a better option for you, assuming you want to keep the same flooring throughout the house. We have large carpet machines of full roles¬† of carpet. These are real deals, without compromising on quality. So how are we able to offer good deals on full roles? There are many reasons, one being we have been around for many years, over 40 actually, and when you’re been around that long, you get good connections and build relationships with good manufactures. They know we are a good company and offer us good deals, and sometimes they have carpet they have decided to to stock anymore. They want to get rid of the roles they have left, so we might take them on a a discount and we pass those savings onto you. And of course we have a great selection of carpets which can be ordered in from the books, just vist our carpet store at 139-141 Stafford Road, Wallington, Surrey SM6 9BN where we have free parking in the store front for 1 hour. Or call for a free, no obligation estimate.

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