Vinyl Flooring

Here at our carpet shop in Wallington we have a vinyl flooring room feel with cheap vinyl flooring offcuts and many more vinyl in the book. New customers are often shock at how many vinyl remnants we have in our showroom. We actually have a room fall of them, plus a few on the machines as stock which can be cut to any length. All the remnants and the stock are at bargain prices and if you have a very all room such as a small toilet which is less that one meter in whipth, we have a great good options for you. You could either get a small remnant or get a cut of our one meter whipth stock collection or find a small vinyl offcut.  Whatever style, pattern or style you’re hoping to find we are sure to have something for you. If you want a free quote and are looking for the best price, you best option will probably to be come visit our show on Stafford Road in Wallington.

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