Bathroom Vinyl Flooring

We have some great options for bathroom carpet at our carpet shop, Carpet select Ltd in Wallington. Even if its a very small bathroom, we have some options which will save you money. We have vinyl remnants and stock in the shop at very affordable prices and many more bathroom vinyl flooring options in our sample books. If you know your sizes and are looking for a good deal, it will be a good idea to come into your showroom and have a look into our vinyl room. You will probably find a vinyl perfect for you at a much lower price than you would buying from the book. If you’re not into Vinyl for the bathroom we also have bathroom carpet which is water proof. So whatever you’re hoping to find we are sure to have it. We also have great fitter that can fit your flooring in a timely manner and we can also do hard boarding it you need it. If you are interested in vinyl flooring for the bathroom or anywhere else, come to our vinyl flooring shop today at 139-141 Stafford Road, Wallington, Surrey SM6 9BN.

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