Bedroom Carpet

If you’re looking for bedroom carpet, your local carpet shop, Carpet select Lid in Wallington has many great bedroom carpets and competitive prices for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a sold carpet for the bedroom or a more traditional wool bedroom carpet, we can bring some great samples for you when measure your area and we can give you a full quotation on the spot. People often want a soft carpet in their bedroom. If you come to our local carpet shop we have some great choices of soft, almost silky carpets. Some are very soft, thick and very luxurious, but one we have is more cost effective and is also bleach cleanable. This carpet is one of our most popular carpets for bedroom and comes with a ten year guarantee. If you[‘re looking for more of a budget carpet, we have a great grey carpet in stock which is very populour when people are looking for a good carpet at an even better price. If you’re looking to have your bedroom done, let us know over they phone for a free quotation. If you don’t know your sizes, we will be happy to measure the area and bring some sample if we know the type of carpet you’re looking for.

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