Carpet Runners

At Carpets Select Ltd we have great options for you to choose from for carpet runners.  If you’re looking to have a carpet runner, the best thing to do will be to contact us and let us know the sort of colour and style your looking for and the area you with it to be. Unless you already know the size of the area, we will be happy to come out and measure the area for you with no obliagtion. When we come we can bring samples of the type of carpet you’re hoping to have or you can visit our local carpet shop.

Stair Carpet Runners

The first step to choosing a stair carpet runner is knowing the type of carpet you’d like to have. At least it’s best to know if we can bringing arouhnd samples for you. The other option would be to come into our local carpet shop to see our carpet ranges. We will need to know the sizes of the stairs you want to have the carpeted and once you pick a carpet you like we can give you a fall quotation for the job with no hidden fees. When fitting carpet stair runners we will need to come to the job first with the carpet and cut the carpet to the exacted size you’d like it to be whipped. Then we will send the carpet off for whipping, once we get the carpet back we will come back to the job for the second time to finally fit the carpet. This is the process that need to be taken in order to fit the carpet to the highest standard.

Carpet Runners For Halls

If you’re looking for carpet runners for halls, we have so good options for you whether you want all ready made carpet runners or you want to pick a carpet. The best way to move forward is having the size and coming into our local showroom. When you come in, you will have carpet runners to choose from, or you can order some carpet and we will send it off to be whipped. You might even find some carpet offcuts which we could cut to size and we will send it of to be whipped. If you’re interested in carpet runners, contact us today. 

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