Carpet Fitters

Here at Carpet Select Wallington, we have professional Carpet Fitters which you can book to fit our own carpets which you purchase from us or to fit your own carpet. When you purchase your carpet from us, the carpet fitting come with a guarantee, so if you get an issue with the fitting, all you need to do is contact us and explain the issue. If the issue seems to be a fitting problem, we will come out and see the area and fit the problem. This doesn’t happen much, but of course it can happen and it’s good to know that if any problems to accrue you can just contact a company rather than trying to track down a fitter sub. Many shops don’t take responsibly for their fitters, but we do, so you can be rest assured when you get any fitting done from us whether it for carpet or vinyl flooring fitting. If you know your sizes, please contact us on 0208-401-0800 for a free quote for fitting. If you also need carpet or vinyl flooring, you can visit our showroom where we have many product to choose from including stock, remnant offcuts and hundreds more in our books. 

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